About karoso

Karoso was born out of frustration. As our own eBay business grew, answering messages became so time-consuming that went hunting for a solution. We tried out third-party messaging solutions and finding deficiencies in them all, we became determined to create a better solution.

Avoid multiple browser tabs, waiting for messages to load, or flicking back and forth between pages on eBay. Access all your eBay messages in Karoso in convenient SMS format, threaded and grouped by customer, and with easy access to transaction status, return requests and buyer cases. Effortlessly view a customer’s full communications history, create templates for common replies and manage your eBay customers with confidence and efficiency. Whether you have dedicated customer support staff or run an eBay business on your own, Karoso can save you time and streamline communications with your eBay customers, allowing you to focus on delivering a better customer experience all round.

  • Save Time

    Connected and streamlined communications for eBay
  • Clean and Simple

    Quick and easy access to messages, requests and cases
  • Prompt Support

    Dedicated support staff that understand eBay
  • Works Worldwide

    Karoso works with your eBay account on all eBay country sites
  • Quick Setup

    Setup your account in just a few minutes



Karoso is completely free and unlimited for the first 2 weeks after signing up!

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Free Each Month

200 Messages

200 messages each month!

Level 1

$12 AUD / Month

1000 Messages

1000 messages each month!

Level 2

$25 AUD / Month

5000 Messages

5000 messages each month!


$40 AUD / Month

Unlimited Messages

Unlimited messages each month!

Karoso Messaging Solution is helping our customers make sense of these huge data.


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Karoso Messaging Solution for eBay

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Message Retention Period

90 days


Full-Text Search

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Manage messages of multiple eBay accounts in one app
Message Template
Intuitive, comprehensive view of customer's order, checkout and delivery status and feedback history in one view
Assign message to team members for easy segregation of duties and division of labour
Intuitive, chat-style message display
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